A downloadable game

Book, sign and manage your way to brand supremacy in CWL Commissioner!

Inspired by the classic “GM Mode” in past wrestling titles, CWL Commissioner is a FREE game that aims to fill the gap in the genre and give fans a quick and fun way to fantasy book their shows.

Out the box, CWL Commissioner will feature a strong, diverse roster from one of the finest E-Federation communities in the world, the CWL. But say… you wanted to recreate a period in non-virtual professional wrestling history? Say you want to mirror what is on your screens or create your own roster of characters? CWL Commissioner’s data uses XML, so all players will need to mod the game roster, and the way the CC plays is a text editor or excel or even a web browser – that’s it!

The game is making good progress, and hopefully will be launching an alpha build in the coming months – be sure to join the CWL community, cut some promos and be part of a lovely welcoming community to learn more and get first dibs on these early builds!

Once finished, the plan is to unleash this project into the wild world of Itch.io for no cost! I'll keep things updated here and let people know when that not insignificant milestone is accomplished.

Development log